The joyful price I pay for art

Although I have never been a sociable person, I would say art closes down my last bit of interaction with the physical outside world.   My partner, my only love of the world has become the single unique person that I still have actual conversation with — at a much lower frequency.

Another issue is, since I am continuously thinking about what to paint, what to draw, or even what to write about, my mind has developed this irritating habit of dwindling about.  I could sit in a lecture and suddenly begins to think about color or themes for my next work — thankfully I have long cultivated the capability to catch the key words in any lecture or conversation without paying full attention!

So here are two prices of art: you become self-seclusive, and, you become absent-minded.  Nonetheless, is this as bad as how the terms look like? Believe me, my friend, it isn’t.  As a matter of fact, such minor losses surprisingly turned out to be quite a delight.  Once I am used to the solitary painting and writing create for me, I become less bothered by the trivialities outside me.  I can be sitting in a crowded café with family parties around me, but I’d still be able to soak myself into the world of art and creativity. Such peace was unimaginable before I started painting. Most of times, I was so irritated in the public that I wasn’t even able to read a page from the newspaper.  My mind kept being distracted by others’ conversations, or merely the terrible music selection in the store. Believe it or not, painting, writing, or any kind of craft work works similarly as a therapy.  And when I used the word “absent-minded”, I do not mean that you’d become easily distracted. Rather, let’s say you suddenly find something that is more appealing and attractive than your daily life, and find it hard to get your mind off the fantastic world of creativity.

Also, use the contact page to tell me what you’d like to see, for example: step by step tutorials on specific themes, basic technique introduction, etc… It should automatically allow you to leave a message for me. (Supposedly?)

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2 thoughts on “The joyful price I pay for art

    • E.K. says:

      Yes my family/doctor/teachers …. (everyone I’ve encountered basically???) said I have issues. Well my words are don’t let them bother you. Gold shines 🙂


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