What am I doing when I am not painting

What am I doing when I am not painting?
Knitting, writing, drawing, or daydreaming?
Music sounds great as well. And reading, not to mention.
It is hard to decide. So many choices, so less time.
Well, I might as well do it all.
Knitting when I’m on the bus,
Tuesday and Thursday, let’s draw and paint,
Wednesday, sounds great for some music,
And Friday? What’s better than a writing day?
As for dreaming – anytime is good for dream,
that is the most important thing.
On the bus, at work, in the line, or dozing off.
My mind flies, it never lands
When I am not painting, I am dreaming.
When I am not knitting, writing, or drawing, I am dreaming.
Outside the window there is a magic tree,
It is covered by starry blossoms that only certain people can see.
On the back of my irritated colleagues, there rests a beast.
It looks like a purple octopus. It wraps his tentacles around
someone’s neck, and of course,
a choked person is ill-tempered.

My dreaming goes on until it is time to put it down.


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