[paper structure]Waste Eden




I feel the rock slumbers in my stomach.

Right in the center, unable to rid.

It groes heavier, daily.

As I push it back up,

and it rolls down, again

collecting mass as it goes.



Every little thing worries me.

A gentle wave, in a second,

storms the ocean.

A delightful breeze,

shakes up the tree.



Have you heard yourself scream

Have you heard yourself scream?
That high pitch noise shooting
out of your body?
It is not pretty at all
not even to the most narcissistic person in the world.

You know I am at a really bad place right now.
I am screaming for help.
But who would come to my rescue
upon hearing such horrid sound?
Not you, my dear
who stomped and ordered:
“Stop shouting at me.”

Help me.

It is not easy to love someone

It is not easy to love someone
One prideful mind
reaching for another
Pushed, doubted, tested
as if it were a war
each trying to prove

But it started with one prideful mind
carefully, curiously, cunningly
reached for the other.
Do not forget.